With the same passion we have for our work, we teach the fundamentals of industrial property to our clients. We offer courses for companies who want to internally train technicians and staff of the marketing department. Being able to understand what industrial property is and how it becomes a business leverage, allows understanding how to use it and how to avoid infringing third parties’ rights. The experience in teaching in university .and post-university courses is a guarantee of our knowledge.

    Assisted Finance

    Thanks to the partnership with leading companies that are dealing with funds for companies, we help our clients to raise funds for the continuous development of their business. We report the presence of financing programs based on industrial property assets and/or the research and development, offering advice on how to participate.


    In intellectual property matters, litigations often require technicians, experts and lawyers to work side-by-side. We have experience in national and international disputes; our consultants defend our clients and when called upon, support the judges and prosecutors in the technical evaluation of the validity and infringement of industrial property rights.

    In-house counselling

    Managing a portfolio of patents and trademarks is sometimes an operation which the top management wants to avoid, in order to focus on business matters. We provide our clients with a series of in-house services which are:
    – managing your portfolio
    – creating and discussing budgets with the top management
    – defining protection strategies
    – checking internal deadlines

    For these Other Services Thinx offers

    • IP strategies

      to enhance IP assets in time and space

    • client support

      in case of litigation or transfers