A patent gives its owner the exclusive right to prevent third parties from exploiting the invention in the territory in which it is valid. The owner of a patent may thus prevent third parties from using, producing, selling and importing products incorporating the invention.

    What we do

    We support the client in identifying the innovative and protectable features of products and processes, to best protect business assets and investments made to be always market leaders.
    We draft the patent application with the experience of those who have supported clients through many lawsuits and have seen many patents judged by the Italian and international courts. We define the best strategies to meet the needs of protection and at the same time the budget project. We work with the best partners to protect the invention in all the countries of the world.

    For patents Thinx provides these services

    • Prior art searches

      to ensure clients the opportunity to use and protect their IP safely

    • Drafting and filing of applications

      before the offices responsible for filing

    • Full continuous support

      throughout all examination proceedings

    • IP protection strategies

      to enhance this asset in time and space

    • Monitoring deadlines

      through a tested and reliable computer system

    • Client support

      in the events of litigation or transfers