A trademark gives the owner the exclusive right to prevent third parties from using identical or similar signs for identical or similar products. In other words, the ownership of the trademark allows prohibiting third parties from using signs that may draw in confusion to the consumer.

    What we do

    Thanks to the partnership with leading graphic design studios, we help our clients to identify signs capable of transferring their values to the market. We check that the selected signs are available making sure that the choice of a sign is not transformed into an erroneous investment which may be disputed by owners of earlier trademarks. Through a global network of agents, we register our clients’ brands across the world and we supervise that third parties do not use or register similar trademarks to take advantage of the reputation of our clients.

    For trademarks Thinx offers these services

    • Trademark searches

      to ensure clients the opportunity to use and protect their IP safely

    • Drafting and filing of applications

      before the offices responsible for registration

    • Full continuous support

      throughout all examination proceedings

    • IP protection strategies

      to enhance this asset in time and space

    • Monitoring deadlines

      through a tested and reliable computer system

    • Client support

      in the events of litigation or transfers